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Saxon's BDM Extra-vaganza!

Ewok's story

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Ewok's Story
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Ewok hangin' onto the bars!
Lurking in the bushes pays off!

Since Blinksgurl and Rosie already told this story, I'll cut past the stuff that happened before lunch.

We had just gotten wet at the soak zone, I saw Rosie on the phone, she was busy talking to someone. When I asked who is was, she said it was my mom. She told us we were gonna meet my mom at he end of the Jurassic Park ride, which is right on the corner where the tour bus goes, and is where the people walk back to Stage 12. We got down there, I was very wet, and the line was very long so we bypassed the crowd and went to an area where super long lines might have gone (this was obviously a very popular ride at one time). Now they have barricades telling you you don't have to go that far...that the line isn't that long today.
All the gates that exit to the back lot say 'alarmed' and one was open, but we resisted the urge to go through it! We ventured on to the curve where the tour goes, and we saw a big gate where people were going through but we stayed at our little corner and just watched any one going by. We saw a zebra-headed lady going into the porta-potty! Also a very muscular 'woman' too!! hehe!
Then my mom called and said she was coming, and I saw a blue haired lady walking up, and I thought, 'hey that blue haired lady is on the phone!" was my mom! Blinksgurl started taking pictures. She came up and talked to us for while, but wanted to get back to try to get Summer's autograph.
A little while later the phone rang again, and Rosie smiled and gave me the phone, I heard my mom say, "Summer, would you do me a favor and say hi to my daughter?" and I hear Summer say, "okay". It was so weird! I had my bush-mates tryin' go figure out who I was talking to...listening to Summer talk about how my mom's hair was the coolest hair here, and that was saying alot today! When she asked where I was, I said, "If I say 'in the bushes' would it freak you out?". We talked for while, but she had to go, so she gave the phone back to my mom. She was sooooooo friendly!
After that we waited to see if we could see anyone, 3 guys who were dressed in 'Egyptian mummy type stuff' came up to us and said, 'can I help you? what are doing?'...they were being really snippy and rude...but we told them we'd be leaving soon and we'd be sure to check out the mummy ride! After awhile Bryan came and said he'd see what he could do about bringing someone over. After awhile he came walking up with Nathan, we talked for awhile and took pictures, after he left Rosie did a couple of happy dances. I told her to be careful that no one saw her, just then Nathan came back with Alan! We talked with Alan and took pix, and while she was busy talking to Alan I noticed Bryan coming back over with Jewel, and when I tried to tell Rosie, she was 'shushing me', then a tram went by and Nathan and Alan waved...suddenly Jewel was standing there! She startled Rosie! So we all took pix again, and Nathan even got my camera to take pix for us! Then they walked off and I was saying how I wished I had a digital video camera, and Wiley said she had one, and Carol said this one has one, and started taking video Rosie, and the phone rang...right when Rosie got the word that we could come on the set!
Audrey came out and we showed her where the open gate was, and we came around. Rosie was following her and Matt and listening to what they were saying, so I was looking around to see what/who I could see...and there was Alan sitting on the step of his trailer and he smiles and waves at us! I tried to tell Rosie and she 'shushed me' again! By the time I got her attention we'd passed him! We got inside and toured the set...we were watching a monitor to see what they'd been filming, but they were stopped so we kept on going. Then we walked through were the infirmary was and I could see the cargo bay, and I saw Nathan and Summer and she was waving at us! I saw other people, but didn't realize that I was seeing the set that my mom was on. There was so much going on!! I was talking to a lady from the set and she was teasing about Matt being a tour guide, while we were talking I heard Blinksgirl say, "look there's Sean", so once again, I tried to get Rosie's attention...and yep, for the third time she SHUSHED ME! :P And walked out of the infirmary and asked, 'where was Sean?'! It was hi-larious! I never did see Gina or Adam. When we were walking out, Matt asked if there was anything else we'd like to see, but we didn't even know what to ask for, so we thanked him and he just left us at outside the door. If we'd wanted, we could have just walked where ever we wanted to, but Rosie said we had to be was so great! When we were walking back I was teasing Rosie that she'd missed Alan the first time cuz she didn't listen to me when I told her, and she was excited and saying she didn't know he was there...and I said, careful, you don't know, he could still be around here...just then I turned around and he was right there talking on his cell phone! He waved bye and went back to the Stage we'd just come out of!

After that, we went back and had some of Dr. Emmet Brown's Chicken! (Doc Brown even walked by while we were eating!)

Rosie kept making up different songs about how hot Alan was!! BTW she is obsessed with is flat stomach!! She finds flat serfaces to compare his tummy to!

We hung around the park until my mom called to tell us they were done. We met them at the exit of Jurassic Park, then headed back to the motel to talk about our day!

Jewel and Alan visit the monkeys!
Universal July 12, 2004