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Saxon's BDM Extra-vaganza!

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Random snippets:

I've been trying to get Coffeewench (Gingi) to write up her memories...but she's just hasn't done it. She's busy with work and stuff...and really doesn't know what she can add to our stories.
She told me to just tell what she told me...ack!

One thing I'll say is, she and Jim were RIGHT THERE with the BDHs! She nearly ran into Adam...Jim cut off Nathan when they were trying to do the 'cross over' they'd been directed to do. She, at one point hit the slippery gravel slope and had to steady herself on Adam!

Once, Joss was directing Alan, and said, "here, let's have our own private rehearsal..." and walked side by side with him, telling him how he wanted it to go...then they both hit the gravel at the same time and both slipped!

All I can say is, if my kid is NOT on screen alot, I'll wonder why...they used her and Jim in a bunch of different shots and angles...from one side of the area to the other...they are bound to be in there somewhere! 

I don't think it was my imagination that all the Browncoats got alot of 'camera time'...someone told me that we all had 'fan' next to our names. Chris and Joss and Co. went out of their way to make this special for us!

*smooches to them all!*

I keep remembering little snippets of info...all like flashes of dream memory. Like:

Joss: "Forget I'm the director, I'm just the documentary dude, guy".

"Quiet on the set....unless yer poultry"